The Society is a global melting pot of opinion on the very latest developments in the aerospace industry. Knowledge and ideas are openly debated at the Society's conferences and lectures, and reported in its journals, magazines and newsletters.


Our membership is made up from a diverse range of professions including aircrew, air traffic control, systems design, engineering, military and civilian MOD professionals as well as professions servingz industry like law, and recruitment and as a result our field of expertise is broad.

As a prominent, independent, authoritative body, the Society has a significant influence on the issues confronting today's aerospace community. This includes building strategic relationships with the world's leading aerospace organisations.

The Society also plays a key role in the wider, public arena by briefing the media, providing topical comment, advising boards of public enquiry and generally raising the profile of the aerospace community.

Membership of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V. is open to everyone. Membership of the Royal Aeronautical Society is not a requirement for membership of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V.


As a member of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V. you will join a “family” of aerospace professionals and enthusiasts whose aim is to promote all aspects of aerospace at all levels within the community. This process starts with contact to local schools, continues through higher education and professional careers to retirement and the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience to the next generation.


Our aim is not only to promote today’s technology and research into the future but also to keep alive the great heritage of the aerospace pioneers and to instil into the next generation our fascination in flying and our passion for the world of aerospace.The Branch encourages networking by organising events at which you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with a wide range of interesting and influential people. You will have the opportunity to actively contribute to this process and therefore to the promotion of our profession.


Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society London

The Society has a grade of membership for everyone - from captains of industry to those who are simply interested in aviation. The highest grade for which members can seek election is Fellow (FRAeS). Other grades are Companion (CRAeS), Member (MRAeS), Associate Member (AMRAeS), Associate (ARAeS) and Affiliate.


For joining the Society please change here to the ⇒RAeS website.


As a Society member the fee for the Munich Branch is free. Please inform us if you are an RAeS member living within the Munich Metropol Region.



Individual Munich Branch
Membership Annual Fee


If you are already a member of the RAeS the membership in the Munich Branch is free.


For Students the annual fee is 10,- EUR.


For all other applicants the annual fee is 20,- EUR.

Membership Form


Alternatively, you can download and fill in this membership form and send it to the address included.


 RAeS-Munich-Application-Form-neu.pdf (163 KB)



If you have any questions please contact our Treasurer