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The Royal Aeronautical Society Munich Branch e.V.

is a "Registered Association" according to the German Association Law
As a Branch of the RAeS International we basically speak English. However you may address us in German at any time.

Die Royal Aeronautical Society Munich Branch e.V.

ist ein eingetragener Verein nach dem deutschen Vereinsrecht.
Als ein Zweig der RAeS International sprechen wir grundsätzlich Englisch. Gerne können Sie uns jederzeit auch auf Deutsch ansprechen.

Bank Account

name of the bank:          Kreissparkasse München Starnberg
IBAN: DE46 7025 0150 0009 0209 00
tax registration No.:     143/221/00397


Alexander Henselmann
eMail: webmaster[at]

Additional Note

Unfortunately our email addresses, as they where both shown and linked here on our website, where more and more overwhelmed with so-called "spam mails" which required a growing effort to sort them out and to delete them. Such spam mails are sent out automatically by special programmes called "robots", which crawl the whole web for any addressable email links... Now the "cleaning" of our email accounts from this spam could no longer be done manually, while on the other hand automated spam filter facilities very often block "good" messages, so we had to remove all direct links to email addresses from our site. The email addresses given now use the character sequence "[at]" instead of "@"
If you want to write to one of our addresses, please replace the "[at]" with the "@" in the address line of your email programme.
Apart from that we used to have one special email address which was able to "catch" all emails which were not addressed correctly, as long as they ended with "[at]". Now this address is disabled from the same reason.
The change means just a little bit more effort for you whenever you want to contact us via email, but it will help all of us a lot. So thank you very much for your understanding!


Lars Helfenbein

Alexander Henselmann      (Webmaster, B.Sc. (TUM), Student Master TUM EI)