Membership of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V. is open to everyone. Membership of the Royal Aeronautical
Society is not a requirement for membership of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V.

As a member of the RAeS Munich Branch e.V. you
will join a “family” of aerospace professionals and
enthusiasts whose aim is to promote all aspects of
aerospace at all levels within the community. This
process starts with contact to local schools, continues
through higher education and professional careers
to retirement and the opportunity to pass on your
knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Our aim is not only to promote today’s technology and research into the future but also to keep alive
the great heritage of the aerospace pioneers and to instil into the next generation our fascination in flying
and our passion for the world of aerospace.

The Branch encourages networking by organising
events at which you will have the opportunity to meet
and interact with a wide range of interesting and
influential people. You will have the opportunity to
actively contribute to this process and therefore to
the promotion of our profession.


Full membership costs €20 per year and for students there is a reduced fee of €10. 
Application details are available from the treasurer: treasurer[at]


If you are interested in becoming a member please feel free to contact us. In the link below you can download the application form.

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