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Munich is a Centre of Excellence for all aspects of Aerospace. The RAeS Munich Branch e.V. acts as a facilitator bringing together members of the local aerospace community to discuss important matters affecting the global industry and the particular influences related to the local environment. The Branch promotes Aerospace within the wider community by offering a balanced programme of events which are open to all.
It especially targets young persons to encourage them to consider a career in the fascinating World of Aerospace.

Next event:  

19.04.2018 (18:00)  „Fritz Heppner, deutsch-englischer Pionier der Turbo-Strahltriebwerke“,
                                              by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Eckardt',

                                              at Lilienthal-Saal Deutsches Museum - Flugwerft Schleißheim
                                              information on the event:  - click me -

26.04.2018 (17:30)  „Zulassung militärischer Luftfahrzeuge der BW", Generalmajor Badia,
                                              at Garching Campus (MW1801)

24.-28.05.2018 - Annual excursion RAeS Munich Branch, to Cambridge UK

19./20.06.2018 - AEE 2018 MOC Munich

10.07.2018 - Excursion to "LIEBHERR AEROSPACE",   information on the event:  - click me -


Forum Munich Aerospace lecture schedule for 'Wintersemester 2017/18':  - click me -

Dear Member,

The Minutes of Meeting for AGM 2018 are now available online:  - click me -

Two items might be of special interest:

1. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the STS55/62 Mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia from 26.04 - 06.05.1993, the six remaining former astronauts will be meeting up in Germany. As part of the German tour, the crew will be visiting the TU in Garching on 03.05.2018. All interested parties are welcome to attend.

2. The school in the Fürichstr. will be celebrating its 100th anniversary on 08.06.2018. The aircraft manufacturer Udet had his draughting office on the 3rd floor of the school building. It is possible that there will be some events &/exhibition to commemorate the UDET Flugzeugbau GmbH. If and when more information is available, it will be circulated to Branch Members.

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