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Munich is a Centre of Excellence for all aspects of Aerospace. The RAeS Munich Branch e.V. acts as a facilitator bringing together members of the local aerospace community to discuss important matters affecting the global industry and the particular influences related to the local environment. The Branch promotes Aerospace within the wider community by offering a balanced programme of events which are open to all.
It especially targets young persons to encourage them to consider a career in the fascinating World of Aerospace.

Upcoming events:
04.-08. Sep. Branch-Excursion to Austria with visit of
the AirPower show 2019
Pickup Points: 1. Fa. Wackerltour, 86447 Todtenweis, Raiffeistenstraße 4 (06:00 h)
2. Fröttmaning Busbahnhof [reachable via U-Bahn U6 and car park] (08:00 h)
3. A8 Ausfahrt Bernau/Chiemsee, Shell-Tankstelle [car parking available] (09:30 h)

11. Sep. (18:00) Lecture “Some Memories of a Flying Career”, by David Eagles
At the FOM (Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management - Arnulfstr. 30, 80335 München), starting at 18:00.
Additional information: Flyer
Afterwards RAeS Munich Stammtisch at
Augustiner Keller (Biergarten) - Arnulfstr. 52

10. Oct. (11:00) Excursion to FA. Reiser Simulation and Training (82335 Berg/ Starnberger See) - 1 hour guided tour

10. Oct. (18:00) Lecture by Sir Brian Burridge at the Universität der Bundeswehr (UniBw) München

10. Oct. (20:00) Subsequent to the lecture: RAeS Munich Branch Stammtisch

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